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Bantar Gebang

Bantar Gebang Free School is located in Bekasi, east of Jakarta. The area is known as the largest landfill waste site in Indonesia, with over 2,000 families making a living from recyclables found from scouring through rubbish. Amongst these families are young children.

While the local schools are tuition free, parents cannot afford the cost of uniforms, lunches, stationary and extra programme costs.  Many children stop attending school from as young as 10 years old to work full time in the landfill. They are trapped in a vicious cycle without any chance to build themselves a better future.

Bantar Gegang Free School invites all children in from this cycle to learn free of charge. All equipment and uniforms are provided, as well the meals.

Charity Right provides over 180 students from Bantar Gebang with two regular meals a day; breakfast and lunch. Currently we are able to accommodate 180 students however we plan to make room for many more, giving each child respite from working at the landfill sites.