Our Projects

Moddho Pakuria 01

The school in this program is run by Centre for Zakat Management (CZM), providing around 70 children with education in this site alone, while regular nutritious meals are being provided every day by Charity Right Bangladesh since 2013; a sincere attempt to ensure the basic rights people are born with.

Before the feeding program was started, a significant irregularity in the classes had been noted since the children themselves had to labour, to earn a piece of bread. Relieving them from the worry of waking up every morning to only hope that their stomachs won’t still stay empty before the next work they are able to find or do, has remarkably increased the attendance in the school.

Future Plans

We hope to get more help and manage more funds to expand to secondary school education and help the children give Secondary School Certificate Exam, aiming to give the economy a larger workforce and reduced rates of crime and corruption as they will be engaged in acquiring knowledge and income for their further studies; because where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.