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Nurul Huda Orphanage

On December 26th, 2004 an earthquake caused one of the world’s most devastating Tsunamis. Aceh was the worst hit, and over 170,000 people from the area lost their lives. Over 600,000 people lost their livelihood. The region was struck by poverty. It was a disaster beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Nurul Huda Orphanage was set up in 2004 to take care of young school aged children who became orphans after losing their parents to the tsunami. While life has gradually returned to normal in Aceh, there are still communities struggling to escape the long term affects on the local economy.

300 children currently live at Nural Huda Orphanage, and this has doubled in the last year alone.  These are children who are orphans, or from the poorest families in Aceh.

Charity Right provides each child with 3 cooked meals a day, 7 days a week. It costs just over £1,500 a month to provide these meals. By raising more funds for the Orphanage we will be able to take in more children and give each of them a chance at a better future.