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Shagarab Camp

Shagarab has the worst conditions among the three biggest camps in eastern Sudan, houses more than 40,000 mostly Eritrean refugees, in addition to some Ethiopians and Somalis. The 1,800 monthly arrivals also include young men who flee forced conscription in the Eritrean army.

One man on the camp says: “I worked in the army for more than 10 years. I left because my family is very poor. Not enough money to live in Eritrea. It is very hard,” said another refugee, 34. “We four brothers were in the army, so nobody could feed our family,”

According to reports, refugees are kidnapped in cooperation with the Rashaida tribe, armed gangs, and local tribesmen in Eastern Sudan. They are then transferred to Sinai where they are forcibly sold for different purposes, including the extraction of their organs.

According to the officiasl, on 22 January 2013 armed men abducted five Eritrean refugees – four of them women – from Shagarab camp,

Charity Right is working in Shagarab camp, located in Kassala State which borders west Eritrea. Kilo 26 is one of 12 refugee camps in Eastern Sudan. Charity Right currently provides food for the neediest families in Shagarab refugee camp. Most of the families are elderly, as well as widows and single mothers struggling to source food for their children.  They live in ‘homes’ made from mud and grass, with very little inside.

We have committed to these families for a year, and hope to provide for several more families in the near future.