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According to the United Nations, Tharparkar is one of the most difficult places to live in the world. With a tropical dessert climate the population is effected by extreme drought conditions. Water is a rare commodity to the local residents; our operations team witnessed firsthand mothers who walk 3 miles each way for buckets of water.  Due to little rainfall no crops can be cultivated, and livelihoods depend solely on livestock farming.  Due lack of clean water and regular food, people are dying, and the situation is particularly alarming for babies who are dying from malnutrition.
Villages in TharParkar are extremely difficult to reach, with no built roads the driving terrain is only suitable for modified jeeps.

Charity Right supports 170 families across 50 remote villages around Mithi, the ‘capital’ of the TharParkar district.  We supply foodpacks which provides each family with lasting food and nutrition. Charity Right seeks out and supports the most vulnerable people from each village, including orphans, widows, the elderly and people with disabilities. Over £3500 a month is spent to support these families.