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Um Gargur Camp

Um Gargur, a camp in an arid plain on the eastern side of the country.

People in the camp receive Monthly food from the UN but say that it is not enough for them to even survive.  The monthly food supply is sorghum.  many people in the camp complain of chronic hunger. Regardless of your family size you receive the same single bag of sorghum.  

The Eritreans on the camp insist that self-sufficiency projects are unrealistic. The areas in which their camps are located are marginal croplands in the best of times but are so vulnerable to drought and insects that getting sufficient harvests each year is nearly impossible.

“There are many people here who are now malnourished” said one Eritrean camp official, “and they get no assistance from anywhere. The majority of the families are in some sort of difficulty”

Charity Right is working in Um Gargur camp, located in Kassala State which borders west Eritrea. Um Gargur is one of 12 refugee camps in Eastern Sudan. Charity Right currently provides food for the neediest families in Um Gargur refugee camp. Most of the families are elderly, as well as widows and single mothers struggling to source food for their children.  They live in ‘homes’ made from mud and grass, with very little inside.

We have committed to these families for a year, and hope to provide for several more families in the near future.