Our Stories


Abdullah is in his seventies, and has spent the last forty years in a refugee camp in Sudan. He has  very little energy, and struggles with the harsh conditions of the tough desert, but he has no choice and no food. His hunger forces him out of his hut to look for food or for some help, but the situation all around him is so dire he usually returns with nothing.

His plight was shared with us by the camp leader and we arrived upon his home.  Even though he was in need he still had dignity and was ashamed to show us his home.  When we asked if it was ok to see inside his home he avoided the question saying it was too to and it was better outside.

The team were overwhelmed not just by the conditions but by the frail nature of this man and his consequential ability to navigate the challenges he faced. Thanks to our donors, we were able to deal with his greatest daily challenge, finding food to eat. He was so moved on learning that he would no longer have that daily battle just to feed himself, he set about a series of long prayers for you our valuable donors.