Our Stories


Meet Aisha. She is a widow, that fled conflict in Eritrea. She is living in a refugee camp in North East Sudan. She has a young daughter, and a son with Kyphosis. She has a daily battle in trying to care for her children or find food or work so she can get food. In 2014 Charity Right learnt of her plight and we went to visit her on the day of Eid. On this day of festivity we found her in a desperate state, with no food to feed her children and making attempts to distract them by simply lighting a small fire, so as to make them think that food would be prepared.

Thanks to our donors, we were able to take her a month supply of food on that day of celebration, and confirm with her, from that point forward, we would be taking care of her need for food. Her days of worrying, walking for miles in desperation and fear were now over.