Our Stories


Anjum and her family live in a one room tin house in one of the poorest slums in India.

Anjum lives with her husband and 3 children in the Malvani Slums. Their ‘home’ is a galvanised one room shelter made from tin sheets. She and her husband work every day as cleaners outside of the slums. Anjum earns less than £13 per month. As Anjum does not own her home, she pays rent of £6 a month to her landlord. Anjum and her husband struggle every day to support themselves and their children.

She has two older daughters were recently married at the age of 17 and 18 and who no longer live with her. Anjum said that despite loving her daughters and wanting them near, it was better for their well being and future for them to be married and in a household with more money and the security of regular food.

Charity Right provides 2 regular meals a day to each member of Anjum’s family. Despite their poverty, Charity Right is able to at the very least remove the fear of hunger.