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Arfan is the only child of Mariam, a single parent. He lives with his mother and grandfather in a remote village called Sahar, in the TharParkar district. Known for its extreme dessert climate, Tharparkar has been labelled as one of the hardest places to live in the world. The number of children dying from malnutrition has increased exponentially and there is an urgency for food.

Arfan is just 7 years old. He spends his days helping his grandfather with cattle farming. He is often seen playing football with young children from the same village with a ball he made from old rags and plastic.  He dreams of heavy rainfall so he can one day cultivate crops and give vegetables to the poor.

Charity Right supports Arfan, his mum and grandfather with food supplies to last them through the difficult drought season. We have committed to support Arfan and his family for another year.