Our Stories


9 year old BomBom is Bantar Begang’s very own little firecracker! He is known for his cheeky sense of  humour and enthusiasm.

Like many of Bantar Begang’s students, BomBom attends the school to escape working at the renowned Jakarta landfill site. If he wasn’t attending Bantar Begang, BomBom would be sorting through the rubbish tip looking for recyclable materials to sell.

BomBom lives with parents and older siblings in a makeshift home made from tree branches, plastic sheets and cloths. His parents struggle to provide basic needs such as food and clothing for themselves and their children. BomBom’s parent’s are pleased he attends Bantar Begang as they saw how lonely he was without children his own age to play with.

Charity Right provides BomBom with two cooked meals a day for every day he is at school. BomBom has attracted many students to attend the school with him. He tells them to go because “there is free food, every day!” Now they each have friends to attend with, and with food provided, children like BomBom can attend school, gain an education and get a better start in life.