Our Stories


Deep in one the biggest refugee camps in Eastern Sudan lives Wathiqah, the single mother of an Eritrean refugee family living in Shagarab refugee camp.

We first met Wathiqa during Charity Right’s distribution of meat during Qurbani. We were told beforehand that Wathiqa had 4 children, 3 of which were severely impaired, mentally and physically.
As we entered her home we saw that 3 of her children had been tied to their beds.  When we asked Wathiqa why she tied them up she replied “because they are ‘not well’ physically and mentally and will hurt themselves”. Wathiqa told us that 5 years ago her husband left in search of food and water, but never returned. Wathiqa was alone to care for 4 children, and often went days without food for herself and her children.

Charity Right made a commitment to Wathiqa and her 4 children, and we made a promise to remove the fear of hunger from her life.  We now provide Wathiqa with regular food for herself and her children, so she can dedicate more time to her children and no longer worry that she and her children will go to bed hungry.