Our Stories


12 year Old Tika came to Bantar Gebang school last year. We found her walking the streets of Jakarta, in search food. Tika told us that both her parents work at the infamous ‘mountain’ landfill site, where they spend 12 hours of every day sorting through rubbish in search of materials that can be sold as recyclables.

Typically children in the area work with their parents at the landfill sites, however Tika’s parents did not want her exposed to that environment, and often sent her away with what little money they had to buy herself food.

Although schools in the area are tuition fee, costs such as school uniforms, school meals and equipment are hard to sustain. Charity Right invited Tika to attend Banta Gebang school, with all costs covered. She receives two cooked meals, each day, and is able to save the little money her parents give her.

Recently Tika told the headmaster that with her saving the money she would spend on food, she can give money back to her parents and help them support her little brother.

Tika is one of the school’s brightest pupils, and excels at every class. She says that attending school is now the highlight of her day.