Charity Right Bangladesh

Our Activities during the crisis of CoronaVirus:

Activity 1:

Charity Right is conducting the “Corona Prevention Campaign”. In this campaign, we are providing a “Corona preventive safety kit” to the underprivileged communities and to our school children and to their families. This kit contains anti-pollution face masks, multi-vitamins, antiseptic soaps. We will be delivering 50,000 kits to the underprivileged communities.


As the underprivileged communities lives in the slum areas where they hardly follow the rules of hygiene and sanitation which are promoting the growth of different disease occurring microorganisms including coronavirus. Moreover, they can’t afford and have little access to the hygiene and safety equipment. Our campaign will provide them with the necessary tools to stay safe in the crisis of COVID-19.

Activity 2:

Charity Right is operating an “Emergency Food Package” campaign for the day laborers targeting 10,000 families. In this campaign, we are giving “One Month Ration Box” to the day laborers and to the vulnerable groups. The rations box contains adequate amount of rice, lentil, potatoes, sugar and salt sufficient for 3-4 people in a family for 1 month.


The day laborers earn their livelihood on the daily basis. As the daily activities of general people has stopped due to the corona crisis, the day laborers like rickshaw pullers, hawkers, street sellers can barely income anything. Therefore, they are suffering their worst days of extreme poverty due to the present situation in Bangladesh. In this crisis, Charity Right’s one month ration box can aid to their sufferings.

Activity 3:

We are providing PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) directly imported from China to our partner community clinics and hospitals and to the volunteers and social workers who are actively participating in the treatment of the COVID-19 patients inside and outside of Dhaka city.


In Bangladesh, we have enough healthcare workers and medical care teams to give treatment to the corona virus patients but their lives are at stake because of the scarcity of the safety equipment such as PPEs. Our initiative of providing PPEs can facilitate the treatment service to the corona virus patients ensuring the safety of the doctors and health workers.

Activity 4:

Charity Right is running “General Awareness Campaign” through the support of Cable News International (CNI). We are taking endeavors to raise awareness through animated informative video contents in various social medias.


In this crisis of corona virus, different medias are giving misleading information which are misguiding the general public. Therefore, we are creating awareness campaigns through authentic video contents so the general public can get the proper information related to corona virus and can cope with the present situation.