Charity Right Bangladesh

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank

Projects of Charity Right Bangladesh

Regular Feeding Programmes:

School Tiffin/Lunch Programme: We provide daily school meals to 900 children in the heart of Dhaka’s slums. They have a guaranteed hot meal every school day, which means they no longer have to work as window washers and street vendors to pay for meals. This programme has had great results. It’s increased attendance rates across the 27 schools we support, and parents who live in the slums are no longer forced to sell their daughters to local gangs for food. Don’t take our word for it: meet Riya. Her story shows what a child can achieve when they’re given the chance to succeed.

Orphanage Feeding Programme:

At Charity Right, we already know that providing food is more than about feeding people. It’s about creating an environment where hunger no longer acts as a barrier that prevents people from reaching their full potential. While the Orphans have no one to support them, we along with your support want to help them fight against not only hunger & malnutrition but also ensure their education.

Emergency Food Relief Projects:

Rohingya Refugee School Project: Rohingya Refugee crisis is one of the largest refugee crisis in the world. Today, around 860,000 stateless Rohingya refugees live in the world’s largest and most densely populated refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar Bangladesh & about half of the refugees are children who rely on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs. Charity Right provides Rohingya children with a daily hot meal at lunch in the schools. This is quite an incentive for the small children to visit the schools every day because in the Rohingya families, lunch is considered as optional. They consume meals only at breakfast and dinner. The children come to schools in the hope of the meal and in this process, they also get benefitted through the education provided there. This not only had a positive impact on their education and mind but also on their health. Your small contribution with us can help them to fight against malnutrition and to ensure education as well.

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COVID-19 Emergency Food Package: The daily wage earners & slum dwellers and many communities of Bangladesh have very limited opportunities to work or even beg to feed themselves after the break out of COVID-19 crisis in Bangladesh. These underprivileged communities are the worst sufferers of this ongoing pandemic. As the daily activities of general people has stopped due to the coronavirus crisis, the day laborers like rickshaw pullers, hawkers, street sellers can barely income anything. Therefore, they are going through their worst days of extreme poverty due to the present situation in Bangladesh. In this crisis, Charity Right’s monthly ration box & emergency food packages can aid to their sufferings.

Annual Projects:

Orphanage & Madrasa Iftar Programmes: Assalamualaikum. This Ramadan, we ask you to help us continue providing food to the orphans who live in the Charity Right funded orphanages & Hifz Madrasas. These children are becoming huffadh, they are trying to learn and memorize the whole Qur’an, but for these students, it’s even harder than it should be. Malnourished and hungry, they often go without regular food. Many of the Qur’an students supported by Charity Right are orphans, so for them, these schools are where they sleep, eat and learn. Before the support of Charity Right, schools like Talimul Quran Madrasha, Safura Begum Islamia Girl’s Madrasha would go days without food.

Iftar with Dinner Feeding Programme: The annual coming month of Ramadan is special for the believers, due to the countless virtues of this holy month. Rewards & forgiveness of Allah spread across every single second and place during the whole sacred month. Hence, this is the time for us to earn the greatest rewards by doing a noble act of charity. Charity Right is In Sha Allah planning to make the most of this magnificent opportunity by Iftar with Dinner Feeding programmes who need it the most. We provide cooked Iftar along with dinner to the orphans at our 10 Madrasas with 1200 madrasa & orphan students.