Charity Right Bangladesh

Charity Right is an international food programme that provides regular meals to schoolchildren, families, and communities affected by an emergency. We work in neglected communities delivering food to fight against hunger and ensure education. Our meals support schoolchildren and adults in refugee camps, slums, underprivileged communities and remote villages.

Your donation goes to

Free schools
1375 Children
persons with disabilities
Extremely Proverty stricken families
Free rohingya Refugee students

What Makes us Special

Regular and reliable support

We provide regular school meals. Great for getting children into school.

Not your average

Our meals are packed with nutrients. Food that boosts health and growth.

Total respect, at all times

We listen to the people we support. And we help them help themselves.

Lifelong community benefits

We’re all about long-term solutions. Work that changes lives forever.

We go the extra mile

Our work is rarely straightforward. So we adapt to get the best results.

COVID - 19 Emergency ProgramMEs

COVID-19 Awareness Campaign

Creating awareness is the key to safeguard general people from the ramifications of Coronavirus. Charity Right is...

PPE Distribution Campaign

We are providing PPEs (Personal Protection Equipment) directly imported from China to our partner community clinics and...

COVID Prevention Campaign

Charity Right is conducting the “COVID-19 Prevention Campaign” providing 50,000 “Corona preventive safety kits” to the underprivileged...

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